Grupo de Economia da Energia

About the Blog

For nine years, Energy Economics Group has published the electronic Infopetro bulletin. The first issue came out in November 2000 and the last one in December 2008, a total of seventy-one issues. To access them, click here.

Initially it was designed to monitor the changes taking place in the oil and gas industries, in Brazil. Later on, Infopetro has expanded its scope of review in order to incorporate all energy industries as the subject of its articles, focusing on the major changes taking place in international and domestic energy contexts.

This analytical effort – from teachers, researchers, graduate and post-graduate students and collaborators from various academic and professional institutions – culminated, in 2007,  in the publication of the book Ensaios Sobre Política Energética, which brought together the best Infopetro articles in the first seven years of life.

The Infopetro blog represents the continuation of this work developed by Energy Economics Group since November 2000. The difference related to previous experience is the most interactivity with its readers provided by new Internet tools.

However, the main objective is the same as Infopetro bulletin: to allow the knowledge accumulated by our teaching and researching task in a public university contributes to the Brazilian society to better understand the great opportunities and challenges of the Brazilian energy system.