Grupo de Economia da Energia

Energy Economics Group

The Energy Economics Group (GEE), Institute of Economics (IE), at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), brings together a team of professors and researchers conducting studies on matters related to technological, organizational and institutional development of energy industries and markets, focusing on Brazilian case.

Within the IE/UFRJ, GEE offers a range of courses in the area of ​​energy with undergraduate and postgraduate courses – Master’s/Doctorate degree and postgraduate courses – and within the Brazilian energy sector, the group has developed several projects in partnership with key players from this sector.

The current main subjects addressed by GEE are:

• energy policy, regulatory frameworks and challenges related to new global integration of Brazilian energy industry, result of the pre-salt discoveries and encouragement to use renewable sources, particularly biofuels;
• network industries and specific challenges of reconciling the gas and electricity industries in Brazil;
• transport, fuels and structural changes arising from increased use of renewable sources;
• strategies of energy companies against deep changes in current global and Brazilian energy context;
• dynamics of energy industries and structural changes generated from the technological innovations and new institutional contexts marked by the need to answer to threats due to global climate change.


Address: Av. Pasteur, 250 sala 123. UFRJ – Urca /Praia Vermelha

CEP: 22290-240 Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Phone: (021)3873 – 5269/5270