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The future of biofuels V: Shell and BP’s strategies

In biofuels on 25/10/2010 at 00:30

By José Vitor Bomtempo

In previous article, we discussed the nature of competition and innovation in biofuels. In the classification proposed, the essential issue was a basic distinction between competition within the existing industrial structure – ethanol and biodiesel – and the competition in what we call biofuels and bioproducts industry of the future – new biofuels and bioproducts. In the first case, we have typical competition based on positioning according to Porter. A competitor becomes competitive upon finding a favorable position within the existing industrial structure.  In the second case, the industrial structure is not established yet, and the basis of competition is Teece capabilities building that seek make feasible opportunities for innovation and shaping the new industrial structure.

It is also important to note that the first-generation biofuels industry conversion technologies are available to investors from accessible external sources such as engineering/technology companies and equipment manufacturers. In the biofuels industry of the future – based on innovation in new feedstocks, new processes, new products – a fundamental change is to move the source of technology into the companies; thus, the technology tends to be much more advanced in bioproducts of the future and, therefore, owned. Continue lendo »